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the dow is up. been a while. back for the fox report tonight at 7:00 east were, 6:00 central time. more on the drug kingpin. and anything else we can come up between now and then. have a great afternoon. neil cavuto is on deck. see you later. >>neil: they asked for it today they got it, mitt let to rip over in. >> money invests in roads and bridges if you have a business, you didn't build that. someone else made that happen. all someone else made that happen? that someone else is government if his view. do we believe in an america that is great because of government? or do we believe in an america that is great because free people allowed to pursue their dreams? the idea to say that steve jobs didn't build apple.
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that henry ford didn't build ford motor. to say something like that is not just followishness. it's insulting to every entrepreneur every innovator in america and it is wrong. >> president obama attacks success and, therefore, under president obama we have less success. and i will change that. >>neil: clearly the mormon is stormin' and discount mark levin, lovin'. mark, what do you think of the response? >>guest: i like it. four more months of this and we should be okay, because, look, the fact is, and what romney is tapping into, americans are not about wellfare and food stamps but we are about success, that is the american dream. we are americans about independence and free will and the pursuit of success. and what obama said on saturday is so outrageous he is disrespecting the american people. everyone out there who hold as job and works hard and applies
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their skills and gets an honest day for pay committee on start as business, he justshipped -- just slapped everyone around. he despises the capitalist sell. his tax on bain capital, that is not about bain capital or not because bain capital was a failure, he despises bain capital because it is a success and it created jobs the same reason he despises energy and the health care industry and all the other private enterprises that he is seeking to undo. >>neil: well what is most telling in the remarks over the weekend was the fact that it wasn't the entrepreneurs that did it alone, he was more or less saying that they had plenty help but he moved beyond whether they had relative help or friends and co-workers but high took it by greater extension to the government, even detailing some of the supporters later did, providing the very roads
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and bridges that good you to your destination. which i thought borders on craziness but i wonder now, isn't mitt romney's response, whether those lines of attack, since they seem to be, you enjoy, targeted right at romney and how he earned his welts, -- wealth, and whether that is what conservatives ordered in terms of the response they wanted to see out of romney. period. >>guest: let me say two things first part of what you said, i didn't know we were having a national debate over roads and bridges i thought we were having a debate over someone trying to fundamentally transform america and destroy our capitalist system. that is different than roads and bridges and the road nowhere is roads to nowhere. you have roads for mobility and commerce not just to have roads. but we conservatives have debated and fought left ring radicals like obama since high
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school and college and law school. we know how to fight them. you cannot fight them like rhinos and establishment republicans are afraid of landing a right hook while they take 15 punches so we understand how to fight the people and the way you fight obama is to know who he is. so, this is why i put out my statement for what it is worth over the week, take what obama is doing, and turn it on him. this man has low hanging fruit all over place. start picking it. it is ripe. he is responsible if the low unemployment rate. he is responsible for the high foreclosure right. he is responsible for outsourcing our credit to the chinese and out sourcing nasa to russia, and outsourcing our oil to the saudi arabians he has the most disastrous record as a president running if re-election than any president in modern american history. >>neil: but, mark something the president said hit a nerve
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with you and it hit a nerve with romney who has been like cool hand luke and not getting too emotional or too agitated, for romney that is about as agitated and annoyed as i have seen him maybe because it cuts to the core of entrepreneurs in the capitalism itself of success in this country where you are more or less bastardizing the concept i think that, today, at least, and we will see what happens, it united a lost conservatives because this is what they wanted to see, do you suspect it lasts? do you suspect the anger in response will last? what do you downtown see? >>guest: i don't know, i don't know romney that well but i want did see this to be a consistent effort and just to stay on offense. what upsets all of us on heard what he said on saturday, obama is attacking our heritage. he is attacking the american dream. he is attacking why we, as americans, are special and exceptional and different from so much of the rest of the
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world. he is putting us down as individuals. >>neil: he says he is not. what he is saying is that these entrepreneurs could never have done it on their own, that we have the very system in place and the very opportunity and infrastructure whatever you want to call it, that allows this to happen and it sounds like a stretch. what do you make of that, no man is an island? no entrepreneur is in it on his own? >>guest: no, no entrepreneur is on his own. but, though entrepreneur can succeed when they are being taxed at this tax rate, with corporate tax rate, cap 258 -- capital gains tacks and the epa and other departments are in their face. this is not about roads and cops and firefighters and bridges. this is about fundamentally transforming our society. obamacare has nothing to do about roads. >>neil: you are not listening. he is saying if there were not the roads and bridges bill gate
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could not have gotten to work. >>guest: he could not have gotten to work? last time i thought he was holed up in a dom drop out of harvard and had nothing to do with roads. >>neil: this is a moment that will give all voters pause? or do you think it is just passing by and people do not make a big deal it? >>guest: i don't know if it is a seminal moment you is to look back to figure that out. my guess is that if romney keeps up and it is not an attack, if he keeps exposing obama and telling his story of who he is and what he supports, and i think he will do okay, i don't know, but he is up against a really thuggish campaign and they have to be prepared to hit low and high. >>neil: i will put you down as a "maybe," on the president. seriously, always good do you have. >>guest: i am not in favor of
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imperial presidents. never have been. >>neil: mark, very good do have you. fox on top of hypocrisy over-the-top? >> we found out today there is a new study out, by nonpartisan economists that say governor romney's economic plan would create 800,000 jobs but there is only one problem, the jobs would not be in america. >>neil: not quite. that policy the president just bashed supported by some members of his own jobs council and his own debt counsel, and the chairman of civic forum says it smacks of hypocrisy. explain to me what the president said and what this jobs council said. >>guest: well, it is beyond hypocritical because rather than embracing a good idea that one of his own people are pushing if he chooses to ignore it and really ignore what the average
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american doesn't know about corporate taxes in an effort, really, to paint romney as an out of touch rich guy and a stooge for corporations. look . >>neil: what does the job council say? that was, in fact, something to be admired? or the facts were opposite what the budget says? >>guest: they are saying we need a more competitive corporate tax code. this is the problem with the territorial taxes, the u.s. corporation goes abroad and makes profits and the profits are taxed in that country but if you bring them back if the united states they are taxed again so you get double taxation at highest corporate tax rate in the world, and, we are one of only six countries in the world that do not have the territorial tax system and two of the other countries that don't or mexico and chile but their corporate tax rate is much lower. we are not competitive and such such they will be trapped offshore until we get going. the president could make the point of a short-term job loss but if the money comes back we will more than make up and if we
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do not change the corporate tax rate we will lose more jobs, >>neil: but he did not mention the green companies he spoors that some of them, also, look and hire abroad, the g.m. automaker looks to extend abroad, and china comes to mind there. so, the concept is not alien. what is the traction you get not argument? >>guest: his policies ignore the reality of global savings and he wants to continue to keep doing what we are doing and we will not be competitive and he recognizes it by giving money to corporate donors to go invest abroad in hopes of bringing something back. he needs to recognize the global economy works both way and if the united states corporate tax code is not more efficient, and more effective, and more competitive, we are not going anywhere. >>neil: so if you are arguing that sending jobs abroad is bad, if you argue that entrepreneurs
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and those who make it in this country, really, don't do it on their own. that it is effectively the government backing them up that allows that, that is a hell of a message. >>guest: a losing message but what is smart here from a campaign strategy, what romney is talking about a lot of americans do not know a heck of a lot is smart is that obama shifted the burden to educating the voter on romney. >>neil: what do you thing of the response. ♪ >>guest: i love it. i want to see more of it and see more position but romney will have to explain how the global economy works to everyone in order for him to come up with a cheer, bold vision, to make america prosperous again. >>neil: thank you, ford. >> rich aren't paying their fair share. if the numberses do not convince you maybe a top fundraiser is ready to tell you about this argument. he is next.
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>> nothing wrong with asking the wealthy to pay a little more in taxes. all everyone should do their fair share. all the top 2 percent don't need help. they are doing just fine. all everyone get as fair shot. and everyone does their fair share. all they think that if you just help wealthy investors it helps everyone. i think the opposite. let's not hold the vast majority of americans hostage while we debate the merits of another tax cut for the other 2 percent. >>neil: the president can't seem to say it enough, but, now one of top fundraisers is saying this argument "enough is enough." saying the rich are paying their fair share and he sits on the campaign finance committee, and he still likes the president and will vote if the president. >>guest: a big supporter of the president and have been since 2007 and will continue to sport him and will vote if him in november. >>neil: this class warfare
1:16 pm
thing whatever you want to call it sticks in your gut. >>guest: the messaging is coming out and not just the president but the messaging coming out from the democratic side tends to build criticism of wealth or wealth creators and that penalizes or makes people uncomfortable with being successful or wealthy. and most americans aspire to achieve one or both of those. >> the president argues you are not paying your fair share? >>guest: i am paying the fair share what he is trying to articulate the country is in trouble and, therefore, because the country is in trouble we need more revenue for the government. >>neil: do you agree with that? >>guest: no, i don't, i think the government has to make the case when they have made all the cuts that are necessary before they ask americans to pay more, and, also, make the case that an increase in taxes would actually have a positive impact on reducing the national debt. i do not believe --.
1:17 pm
>>neil: how can you support a guy --. >>guest: i am pleased the president is trying to get a tax cut or preserve the current tax rates for 95 percent. >>neil: but not for you? >>guest: i think he should do it for 100 percent of americans. if nothing is done, there will be a tax increase. if he and the congress do not extend the bush tax cuts, which they should, and the president should sign, when he gets it, we will all get a tax increase. and in this kind of environment where the country is at its knees we do not need a tax increase. >>neil: so when you hear the rich can afford it, what do you say? , america can't afford it. >>neil: your taxes go up? >>guest: what america needs is those who have more money to put the money in the committee. and to infuse activity here not give it to the government to spend it where they see fit and it will take them three years to figure out where to put it. >>neil: you are very successful and in the 1 percent, but i wonder and i have heard others who support the president
1:18 pm
who espouse what you just said, but they getting tired of the class warfare rhetoric, tired of president arguing as he has lately questioning entrepreneurs doing it on their own saying the infrastructure, saying it was the system if police this allowed them to da what they did and i argue, yes, that is a given. but, to then assume that all have the wherewithal and the parts to capitalize on that, besmirches them. >>guest: a good friend of mine, a banger when i started my company told me the definition of luck "where opportunity and preparation merge." the reality is all of us will have, we are mens and most of us will have opportunities to across our paths and those who are successful see the tunes and act upon them. look, the government certainly creates an environment for us to be successful. >>neil: is that what he was trying to say? >>guest: i have not seen the speech if context but i think he was saying the government
1:19 pm
creates an environment but if i owned an athletic field and i owned this field and brett favre played on the field, as a child, and he went on to become the great player that he is i am not responsible for brett favre being the great quaterback but, i helped give him an opportunity. >>neil: but if you are the white house you are, take a bow >>guest: i don't think he is saying that. >>neil: do you worry? i get a sense that he doesn't like wealthy people. i just don't think he does. >>guest: the president actually is after flewent himself so i don't think he dislikes wealthy people. >>neil: but you listen to the rhetoric if they feel they are capitalizing on this. they must have done some surveys to say this is working. >>guest: it is a slippery slope. >>neil: if you met him or talked to him,would you say? >>guest: i would say what you
1:20 pm
are saying, its is a slippery slope and part of this messaging is distort willing, taking away. >>neil: what would you tell, take a chill pill? >>guest: remind human he reduced taxes on small businesses 18 times and sba loan roll is up 70 percent. >>neil: this rhetoric is to the core of without are? >>guest: because i am more than economics. i was a democrat when i had in money, i believed in a fair system. and i still am the same thing but the distortion that happens is that if we say that because now i've been a democrat my whole adult life i've been raising money and supporting democrats since i was 23 years old and to say now at 52 i'm a bad person because i raise money that is not a good thing to say and i don't think he means that but the message is saying that and that is not where we need to be. >>neil: you are your own guy i say that. thank you, still supporting the
1:21 pm
president. very good to see you. >> protests in egypt chanting "monica," and throwing tomatoes at our secretary of state. is that right after giving $2 billion of your money? take the money and run? people with a machine.
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>>neil: we keep telling you about the concerns of a slowing global economy we may have gotten evidence from twin earnings reports out, intel, although the profits beats expectations, the revenues were flat and they worried how things are going for the rest of the year, cutting estimates for the year citing the slowing global economy. tell me if you have heard this before, similar story going on
1:25 pm
at yahoo but for different ropes. their earnings and sales essentially flat from a year ago. and the company of course has just brought in a former top google executive to run things, the 5 the c.e.o. in as many years but the bottom line is, it is hurting. so in high-tech land, a lot of big headaches. we will keep you posted. >> and now this, a warm welcome brought to you by in less than the egyptians, the ones we are giving the money to, protesters greeting hillary clinton by mocking her with cheers of "monica," and throwing tomatoes at the motorcade. is it time to stop throwing them the money? my guest says, yes. we gave them $2 billion the last year, tens of billions over the last many years, and i am wondering whether we pouring good money after bad. >>guest: we are pouring good money after bad money and now we are seeing a huge shift of america's policy in the middle
1:26 pm
east under in president where america now is standing by and supporting islamist regime that will bring islamic law to the law of the land and we are sending them almost $2 billion a year planing to help them of our taxpayers dollars. >> why do we do this? not only in this neck of the woods but so many other countries in this region you know so well, and beyond that, and in the two countries that are not friendly to us that did not think highly of us, i can understand trying to buy their love as ridiculous as that sounds but i had in intention of ataxpayer i would put a deposit on their hate. >>guest: well, and that is exactly what is happening, and you would thing we would have learned a lesson. when you look how we have funded them mujaheddin in afghanistan, they used our money and they turned against us. we are doing the same thing?
1:27 pm
egypt. we are supporting an oppressive regime, they hate us, they do not want to have anything to do with us and part of the demonstrators calling hillary clinton saying "monica," but the demonstrators were the freedom fighters who do not want morsi, who do not want the muslim brothers, who want the tremendous dome. so you would think the united states would be standing on the side of the freedom fighters saying to them, we will support a moderate egypt but not a radical egypt that is getting radicalized by the moment. >>neil: but we lock -- this has happened with republican and democrat administrations, we lock desperate if their love and we will pay anything to get their love and allegiance and support when, in fact, they spit at our whole way of government, our whole way of being who we are down to our d.n.a., so, why do we keep doing this? and what would happen if we
1:28 pm
stopped? >>guest: well, we are, because we are reflecting our western values on evil people we think and assume that if we are nice to them, if we give, show them kindness and sport they will love us and we will win their love by paying money. >>neil: but the fear is if we bolt, to we bolt then someone else will fill the void and well be worried and i say well let them fill it. >>guest: we have helped the bad people. we are helping them come over and we did the same thing with the shah of iran and flew him underthe bus and doing the same thing in egypt producing the wrong results because of the middle east, you only come to the negotiating table to negotiate the temperature of your surrender. you do not go to the negotiating table with your enemy hoping to impress them and win your love by your kindness. >>neil: i trillion people,
1:29 pm
whether you are right or left when you are off our soil, that is our secretary of state, stop the tomato throwing stuff and god knows what else. not you. the whole thing the always good do have you. thank you very much. >>guest: have a great day. >>neil: two goods, to love and a report that sarah palin is waiting for an invite to the republican convention, the grand old mess about to put romney's campaign to the test. one of the miller twins has a hearing problem. but she got a lyric in her life and everything changed.
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>>neil: the romney campaign is not back to us whether the convention invites have again out but if rumors are true sarah palin is waiting for hers. my guest says snubbing her and other conservatives bigwigs is a big mistake. we don't know if that is true. but i could understand if governor romney wants this to be a tightly scripted choreographed affair and does not want to get off message. maybe there is a risk. >>guest: i am already bored. i love you but i want sarah palin there. i adore you. >>neil: you are bored with me? >>guest: bored with what you are saying. not bored with you, you should be present and center at the convention. >>neil: i love her to death but i am just saying do you think that she brings some baggage to the convention and people, fairly or not, are going to exploit that?
1:34 pm
>>guest: fabulous baggage, whatever, but fun stuff. my point is, i've been to a few conventions and they are very boring. >>neil: how many could you be you are like ten? >>guest: i have observed and been there enough to know we need to have a fabulous convention. look, you are soft an enigma, very famous and fabulous and smart but having a sarah palin there, a hottie republican woman, smart --. >>neil: so, this is a women thing to you? >>guest: well, can we have a woman or two, neil? that is alegitimate. >>neil: the whole issue of senator john mccain, the tax issue made you turn to sarah palin? >>guest: i love her. she is great. >>neil: he went on to say that some in the media chose to took my effort in response why i did
1:35 pm
not select governor romney, out of the context, i selected her because she was the best fit for my campaign and my decision had nothing to do with the bogus tax return being waged by the obama campaign. ex-i am already bored. so, let's -- he should bring her on. >>neil: who else? dick cheney? >>guest: no. >>neil: it is all women? >>guest: lots of women is go. do you think it is bad? do you think lots of women is good to have on the same? >>neil: very aanied. i ask the questions here. i am asking you, are you saying that prominent women vocal women --. >>guest: the independent women
1:36 pm
will decide the election. by the way. >>neil: if i interrupt you might as well interrupt, i admire that. sow think if they not there and big numbers and seen in prime time you will be disappointed and romney will lose? >>guest: why want to say a lot of -- i don't want to see only rich old fat white guys. >>neil: what if they are not all fat? ing i am cool with fat, but -- hot sarah palin, smart, governor of alaska, ran if vice president, yes, if she is not there it is a big mistake and i like michele bachmann and i like to have a lot of strong hot women there. >>neil: and ann coulter speaking with michele bachmann? >>guest: yes, ann and michelle. >>neil: i could be the guy from charlie's angel, bosley.
1:37 pm
id in. thank you. >>guest: you have a great time at the convention with more women. >>neil: more ahead. >> say something like that is not just fool inness it is insulting to every entrepreneur and every innovator in america and it is wrong. wrong. wrong. variante ascari, monza. mile 7, highway 1. wehrseifen, nurburgring. the horseshoe, twin peaks boulevard. every famous cue has an equally thrilling, lesser-known counterpart. conquer them, with the lexus is performance line, featuring the is 250. real performance demands real precision. this is the pursuit of perfection. i'm making my money do more. ♪ i'm consolidating my assets. i'm not paying hidden fees or high commissions.
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>>neil: ramsey is raging over romney. i want americans to welcome success and to celebrate success and to encourage people to reach as high as they can, and in some cases to build enterprises. i don't want government to take credit for what the individuals of america accomplish whether they work in government or work in the private sector it is people of america that make america the unique nation it is. >>neil: the governor was listening to my last guest,
1:41 pm
radio personality, and this is just what you suggested. >>guest: he needs to do that. and the president, he served him an underhanded pitch here. >>neil: i looked through this, the entire remarks and i cannot believe what the president was thinking or what he even believes it. >>guest: i think he does believe it. and that is what the scary part of it is. but i think the fact that they served up this particular soundbite in the speech, the point he is makings we did drive to work on roads, and we all participate so some of our success is due to, my success is due to i have a good friend named neil cavuto and part of your success you let me come on your show for 30 seconds every so often. >>neil: you were well on your
1:42 pm
way young man. but my point is, you draw a distinction between friendship and individuals and the united states government, don't you? >>guest: the firefighting things and the roads that is reasonable but what he did do, whether he meant to or not he spoke of the abundance of his heart and he showed himself as being an extreme left wing liberal. and, really, president obama has not done that in the past until he got here. a couple of times but this is a joe the plumber moment, he, really, has made a mess showing in his heart of hearts he truly believes the reason people are successful is government support. he truly believes that. >> what is weirder than that, and i hope i got this in the context is i looked at the whole series, he is trivializing those who took that same environment,
1:43 pm
the dells, and the bill gates and edisons, who took the same system that was available to all of us, and took it a step first, and, by minimizing that, dismissing that, poo pooing that, he did a huge disservice to capital im. >>guest: he has. he does not believe in capital im. he truly believes that government is the best purveyor of goods and services and people and that is an extreme left wing liberal position. it is unusual for him to do this politically. it shows a level of dysfunction. he really moved way level positioning him sex -- himself as a moderate. whoever run as great business, we admit we had great teacher but i pay a ton taxes that pay their salaries. >>neil: dave ramsey, thank
1:44 pm
you, from nashville. >> despite president's push of high taxes on the wealthy a new poll most persons do not agree, and young voters they really don't agree. look at this. 69 percent of folks in the age of 18 to 29 want tax cuts for all americans and the pollster has said that is because they clearly not on the president's message. those numbers are startling because this is the president's base. what is the base telling him? >>guest: what it reflects and this is why it is a center right country you do did the want to extend tax cuts just to one group when you should extend to everyone and the idea that though want to citizen it to everyone and what the president has been trying to do is narrow the focus in terms of making the wealthy pay their fair share as opposed to a concept for the entire country. the problem is two-thirds of the country believe that increasing taxes will hurt the committee. and that is a staggering number. and 70 percent of americans
1:45 pm
oppose the idea of raisings taxes on small businesses making over $250,000. as americans come to learn that is a million small businesses, they will view the president's tax policy both having a negative impact on the economy, and small business, and that is a huge opportunity for governor romney. >>neil: i wonder whether this goes beyond who will be taxed, and, when, to something that has changed in the last couple of days, maybe this goes outside the polling mainstream but this is a clear move to to the left n the part of president to dismiss tenets of capital capitalism tht thing are good. all as the previous guest describes what this president believes is that government drives the economy, not private sector. a reason we are a center right country most americans believe that it is the private sector where you seek economic growth. victims creating small businesses that push things failure. this is a president that
1:46 pm
believes in the white house or in halls of government, that is where the decisions are made in terms of how the economy works. >>neil: if you are right whatever polling you are enjoying right now, it seems to have it dead even with romney it could be short lived and he is pushing it andhe going a little bit beyond what most people feel chestable with. >>guest: but here is the challenge, and this is challenge of governor romebly and republicans. people are understand clearly where the president is at and his left center position. enjoy, what we need to do like reagan back in 1980 create a clear contrast so people understand where we would go in terms giving the responsibility of governing and invigorating the private sector. >>neil: well put, david, thank you from washington, dc. a tax cut if everyone, the majority want it so why isn't congress doing anything about it? anti-tax crusader grover norquist on his fight for it tonight on fox business network. and kate upton firing back against critics calling her
1:47 pm
"fat," and parents have a big beef just with that. next. [ male announcer ] summer is here. and so too is the summer event. now get an incredible offer on the powerful, efficient c250 sport sedan with an agility control sport-tuned suspension. but hurry before this opportunity...disappears. ♪ the mercedes-benz summer event ends july 31st. ♪
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>>neil: you better not mess with this beauty, firing back against what is a fat frenzy, calling this super model "fat," created by a website that calls indicate upton and i quote, "fat." and i quote, "i'm not going to starve just to be thin, i want to enjoy life and can't if i'm not eating and miserable." kate i hear you. i say good for you, kate. this is good to women across the country, kate. so, a tip of hat to this beauty. i love how kate upton is, like,
1:51 pm
i have to look like this and i am sorry i eat. she is gorgeous. i hope, whatever she doing --. >>neil: she is apologizing. >>guest: it is not like the person is coming forward. obviously if they are anonymous they know what they said is wrong and they should be ashamed otherwise they say, i'm cooper lawrence and she is fat but they are saying it anonymously because it is ridiculous. i saw this i was like --. >>neil: this has bedeviled her. she was on "sports illustrated," cover but that was only last year. she is a little more meaty than other models, not a waif. >>guest: it is because she is breasty, and, the models --. >>neil: really, i didn't notice. >>guest: i know you is not noticed. i am always a eyes person. eye person. >>guest: she looks like a
1:52 pm
regular person who happens to be gorgeous and we used to seeing the models through the 90's, when they were rail thin and now they look like real people and they are beautiful and this is reaction to the eating disorder kids. >>neil: i had the victoria secret models on the show and some of the guys remember, they look like they were prisoners war, and they were so thin, and, beautiful, don't get me wrong but you could see their bones and now we have someone who you cannot see your bones you can see other things -- eyes, eyes: this is crazy. >>guest: and what she felt she had to respond is also ridiculous. >>neil: remember years back with the rival doll, the barbie, look more like every woman, still beautiful but just not these unrealistic dimensions
1:53 pm
that if barbie were full grown you would think she would tip over. >>guest: right, right. >>neil: so this did in the go anywhere, that doll. so i wonder whether kids still want that thin waif look. >>guest: with a doll or an image it is more like something you thing is like a fantasy and it is fun to look at but to want that for your own life is a sickness, called eating disorder, so to you want to look like that especially if you are not naturally thin, then it is a problem but why think people looking at this website and think, right, she is fat. >>neil: but if an organization is calling her "fat," or obese, whatever you want to say, my gosh, what is the litmus test for perk? >>guest: one blogger. and they are anonymous. and no one is taking them seriously no one is saying, yes --. >>neil: but there were a lot of sympathetic e-mails
1:54 pm
supporting this. i the go into exhausting detail on this, and i will give it a half hour, because it is a core issue of our time. legislation is something called confirmation bias if you have the beliefs you will reach out to a site like this to confirm something you believe. if a kid has an eating disorder or the unhealthy thoughts the parents should step in and know this website is out there. we are here to built indicate. >>neil: thank you for keeping "abreast," of it. dealer
1:55 pm
. [ donovan ] i hit a wall.
1:56 pm
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souse le matelas. ( laughter ) why's the new guy sending me emails from paris ? paris, france ? verizon's 4g lte devices are global-ready. plus, global data for just $25. only from verizon. >> neil: finally, do you really want to know the secret to success? mean what you say, say what you mean. it's that simple. take it from someone who interviewed thousands of top ceos over the years. big deal. the great ones get that and do
1:58 pm
that every day. day in and day out. every year. it's disarmingly simple. for all too many, it's very hard. the ones who say they will get back to you, but don't. promise to work hard, but don't. say they will definitely be on time, but can't. we have gotten used to it. the cable guy says he will be there between 12:00 and 3:00 and shows up at 4:00 if at all. your doctor says you have 10:00 a.m. appointment but you get there and ten others with the same appointment. the dishwasher repair doesn't hold. money back guarantee that is not a guarantee. the promise that turns out to be a lie. i tell kids starting out in the business. it doesn't take a lot to stand out. start with being on time and you're ahead of many in this business. another thing i tell them is be reliable. anything you are given to do, do it. and do it well. people start relying on you. they start showing confidence in you. they start liking you.
1:59 pm
that is crucial. i like the think that's contagious. for leaders, that could be at their very constitution. for good ones, it is. not to intimidate, to inspire. to make good on a promise, to make good on an assignment, to make good on a commitment to a spouse or family member or relative with whom you promise you would stay in touch and you do. at home, at work. in life. dependable. just what defines great people. and great countries. it defines great empires. they lose it all when they forget any and all of that. to make a difference, the key, first is not to be indifferent. tell that to your kids. free advice on basic cable. here to seven. you know me, i'm a lover, not a hater. by the way, there is a skinny gossip blogger jus

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